Peripatetic Therapy Encounter in the Cerrado – 2021

Published in:24 de August de 2021

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Published in:24 de August de 2021



The Meeting of Peripatetic Therapy in the Cerrado will have its second edition on Saturdays 11, 18 and 25 September 2021. Dedicated to Peripatetic Therapy, we have also included the themes of mental health and practices carried out outside the conventional clinical setting.

This year we will have symposia, round tables with guests, book launches and poster competition.


Latin America

  • Argentina
    • Prof. Maria Laura Frank – University of Córdoba, ), Director of the Sistere Foundation and Vice-President of AATRA (Asociación Argentina de Acompañamiento Terapéutico)
  • Brazil
    • Psi. Arnaldo Araújo
    • Psi. Carolina Saraiva – CRP-DF
    • Prof. Dr. Cristiano Barreira – USP
    • Prof. Dr. Demétrius França – IFB
    • Prof. Dr. Erika Epiphanio – UNIVASF
    • Est. Psi. Giselle Santos – UPE
    • Prof. Dr. Henrique Carneiro – UPE
    • Est. Psi. Ingrid Lima – UPE
    • Est. PSi. José Luís Amorim – UNIVASF
    • Psi. Luciana Souza – UPE
    • Psi. Marcos Cahú – Continente
    • Psi. Raquel Lázara – UFSJ
    • Prof. Dr. Suely Emilia Santos – UPE
    • Prof. Dr. Walter Melo – UFSJ
  • Costa Rica
    • Psi. Psi. Jorge Richmond – Costa Rican Association for Research and Study of Psychoanalysis, member of Therapeutic Escorts of Costa Rica – ATCR
  • México
    • Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Berenice Ramírez – National Autonomous University of Mexico
    • Psi. Luís Mario Cabrera – EnLazo AT
    • Est. Melissa Peña – National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Uruguay
    • Peripatetic Therapist Isaura Fabra
    • Peripatetic Therapist Marcelo Pons
    • Peripatetic Therapist Yohana Segóvia


  • Prof. Dr. Francesca Brencio – Universidade de Oxford, Royal College of Psychiatrists (Reino Unido) e Universidade de Sevilha (Espanha)
  • Prof. Dr. Luka Janeš – University of Zagreb and Center of Excellence for Integrative Bioethics (Croatia)


This scientific event is based on voluntary work and is not for profit. 50% of the collected amount will be donated to a mental health entity and the remainder will be dedicated to the partial cost of editing and publishing the proceedings of the event. The rendering of accounts will be disclosed after the conclusion of the work.

As of 2022, we must adhere to collective financing to enable the event to grow with greater professionalism. If you would like to sponsor or support this event in any way other than crowdfunding, please contact us at